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Welcome to Hammond Studios. We are one of Indiana’s finest photography companies, and we serve Hammond and the surrounding areas. We have an incredible team of skilled photographers with years of experience in weddings. We have worked with a wide variety of wedding styles and many different venues, so whatever your needs are, we will do our part to make your wedding unforgettable. Whether you already have a shot list planned out or don’t know where to start, we can help. Give us a call and a member of our team would be more than happy to discuss your specific needs. We can’t wait to speak with you!

Capturing Your Memories

Memories are some of the most important possessions we have. They are our connection to the past and the foundation of our relationships. Creating memories with our loved ones is one of the most special experiences in life, and many of those memories will last a lifetime. Over time, however, memories tend to fade, and some will be lost forever. As photographers, it is our mission to prevent that. We have the privilege of helping you capture and preserve some of your most cherished memories so that years from now you can still see that moment in time with perfect clarity.

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A wedding is one of the most exciting events you will ever plan. You get to choose the venue, the food, the colors, the décor, and more so that everything turns out perfectly. When the day finally comes, it will be filled with so many different memories. There will be time spent getting ready with friends, exchanging vows, the first kiss, the entrance into the reception, dancing and celebrating with loved ones, and many more memories in between. We want to help capture all of these memories so you can always look back and remember your special day exactly as it was.

When planning a wedding, keep in mind that nearly everything you spend money on will only last the day. Your wedding photos are one of the few things you pay for that will last you forever – this is one of the reasons why hiring a good photographer is worth it. Another thing to be aware of is that besides your future spouse, your photographer is likely the person you will spend the most time with on your wedding day. This means that your photographer will make a big impact on how much you enjoy your special day, and they will also likely be helping make sure everything runs smoothly. We believe that our job is more than just taking quality photos – our job is to help you have the best day of your life, and we work hard to ensure that.

If you are interested in hiring us, here is what you can expect. The first step is a phone consultation. Simply give us a call, and we’ll discuss your needs, what you’re looking for, the options we have, and what is likely to be the best fit for you. We will also look at our calendar to ensure availability. Once you decide to move forward with one of our packages, we’ll discuss payment and collect a deposit, and at that point, you will be all set.

From there, if you would like to, you can book an engagement photo session. This is a fun way to get to know your photographer and also end up with some great photos to use for wedding invitations. Prior to the wedding, we will send out a form for you to fill out so we know what your expectations are and to give you an opportunity to make specific requests.

Once the big day arrives, your photographer will arrive early to get set up, and they will stay with you throughout the day to ensure that they capture every special moment. This is our basic process – however, we are here for you. If at any point you have any questions, always feel free to reach out. We are happy to help in any way that we can. Again, we want to help you have the most special day possible!

Five Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer

In this day and age, more people have access to cameras than ever before. Because of this, many people wonder if it is worth hiring a photographer when they can simply take photos themselves. We want to address that question here. Not every situation calls for a professional, of course, but when the situation does, the investment is absolutely worth it. If you are planning an event that you wish to remember forever (such as a wedding), here are five reasons why you should consider hiring a photographer.

1. Professional photographers use high-quality equipment.

Most people these days carry a camera in their pocket everywhere they go. This offers a ton of convenience, as you can take a photo whenever the occasion arises. When it comes to taking high-quality photos, however, a high-end camera is a must. Without getting into all the technical details, high-end cameras are designed specifically to take the best photos possible. Professional photographers also have access to high-end editing software, allowing them to alter photos after they are taken to make them look superb.

2. Professional photographers have a lot of experience.

Of course, high-end equipment typically requires a lot of skill to use. There are many different settings on both the camera and in the editing software that photographers can tweak so that they can get the perfect photo. Anyone can use these tools, but it takes a lot of practice and skill to be able to use the equipment properly, and this is why it is always a good idea to hire a professional.

3. Your photos will be edited.

Not only is editing complicated, but it is also a time-consuming process. Most people don’t want to spend hours editing every photo they take. Editing is part of a professional’s job, however, and they will spend time editing all of your photos to make sure each one looks amazing. In the end, editing makes all the difference in the world, and this is part of the service you receive when you hire a professional.

4. Photography is an art.

Getting great photos is not as simple as pointing the camera and shooting the photo. Professional photographers understand lighting, positioning, camera angles, scenery, and more, and they know how it impacts the photo. When taking photos, photographers are taking all of that into account in order to take the best photos possible. This takes years of experience to learn, and it is part of what makes them professionals.

5. Professional photographers can help bring your ideas to life.

Many people have ideas of what they want a photo to look like, but they don’t know exactly how to get there. It is easy to scroll through social media to get inspiration, but creating the perfect photo is often a lot easier said than done. Professional photographers have a wide variety of experience and training, and part of their job is to help you craft the photo. They can help you decide where the picture should be, what pose would look best, where to place people in the group, what props should be used, and more. Whether you just need a little guidance or prefer to let the photographer take the lead, a professional photographer will help you get the best photos possible.

Why Choose us?

If you’ve decided to hire a photographer, there are a number that you can choose from. So why choose us? First, because our team is well trained and highly experienced. Our photographers are some of the best in the area, and they will work to exceed your expectations. Second, you don’t just want a photographer with skill – you want one who has a great personality. After all, photography is about capturing a moment, and the reality is that your photographer will be part of that moment. Because of that, you want one who is friendly and awesome to work with. That’s what you will get with our team, and we are confident you will enjoy the time you spend with them. 

Again, if you are looking for a photographer, please give us a call. We would love to discuss your needs and our options for you, and we are confident you won’t be disappointed.

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When you work with us, we want you to have the best experience possible. We love making people smile, and we will do everything we can to make sure you are happy. So please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to answer any questions you have, and if you have any issue at all when working with us, we want to make it right. Our customers are the ones who allow us to do what we love, and so we want to ensure that you are taken care of. Not only do we want you to receive excellent photos, but we want to make sure that every step along the way is a pleasant one. We will go above and beyond to make that happen. So no matter what you need, we’re here for you.

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We would love to put your wedding on our calendar. Please reach out if you have any questions or to inquire about availability. We can’t wait to help capture your memories!